Charger, Maintainer, Cleaner & Tester – 50 Watt (6 & 12 Volt) (LCD) (2365-LCD)

Charger, Maintainer, Cleaner & Tester – 50 Watt (6 & 12 Volt) (LCD)

The Battery Saver™ (2365) series is our 50 watt, dual voltage (6V/12V) charger, maintainer, and tester. It’s more powerful than the 3015 line, as well as slightly larger, physically. This allows you to charge and maintain a system with up to six batteries. It utilizes our signature Auto-Pulse desulfation technology and patented micro processor control. This guarantees you a safe and reliable charging and maintaining process. It recognizes both 6V and 12V batteries and will automatically switch to the correct charging setting when connected.

Works with Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Dry Cell, Spiral Cell and Deep Cycle batteries!

The 2365-LCD, in addition to all the charging and maintaining features, includes a digital battery tester as well. This displays the charging voltage, AMP output and lateral charging bar which graphically illustrates the percentage the battery is charged. It not only indicates the life left in a battery but also checks the charging system by starting the vehicle while connected.


  • Quickly Charges!
  • Perfect for Larger Vehicles
  • Charges up to Six Batteries in Parallel
  • Features Our Most Powerful Design and Fastest Charging Speeds
  • PULSE Cleaning Mode Improves Battery Condition with Continued Use
  • Automatically Works with 6 and 12 Volt Batteries
  • Built-in LCD Digital Battery Tester displays the Battery Voltage,
    AMP Output & Battery Charge Percentage Bar


  • One All-In-One Battery Charger, Maintainer, Tester, and Monitor with Auto Pulse & Deep Cycle
  • 6ft Battery Terminal Cable
  • 6ft Alligator Clip-On Cable
  • 10ft AC Power Cable
  • Mounting Bracket