Charger, Maintainer & Pulse Cleaner – 50 Watt (48 Volt) (2365-48 LCD)

Charger, Maintainer & Pulse Cleaner – 50 Watt (48 Volt)

This charger, maintainer with our proprietary Auto Pulse Technology can quickly charge a single battery or multiple batteries “connected in series” all at once. Its built-in 50W pulse charge output also conditions and restores weak or dead batteries. Designed for long-term storage applications, this unit improves battery quality with prolonged use.

  • Quickly Charges! Perfect for Odd Voltage Battery Systems
  • Built-in LCD Tester!
  • Great for Long Term Maintaining of Vehicles In The Off Season!
  • PULSE Cleaning Mode Improves Battery Condition with Continued Use
  • Automatically Works with Designated Lead Acid Battery Voltages
  • No Spark Polarity Protection