Maintainer, Charger & Pulse Cleaner – 25 Watt (6 & 12 Volt) (3015-LCD)

Temporarily Out of Stock – See model #2365-LCD

Maintainer, Charger & Pulse Cleaner – 25 Watt (6 & 12 Volt) (LCD)

The Battery Saver™ Maintainer, Charger, and Conditioner can charge a totally dead battery using a new battery rescue technology. It’s also designed for long term storage applications, improving battery quality with prolonged use.

Maintains, charges, and conditions vehicle batteries. Advanced auto-pulse technology extends battery life, whereas the Battery Rescue technology totally charges dead batteries.


  • Auto Pulse extends battery life.
  • Restores weak batteries.
  • LCD Screen
  • Charges totally dead batteries.
  • Prevents premature replacement.
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Monitors battery condition.
  • Fast 2x battery charging.
  • Improves battery with use.
  • Versatile modular cable system.
  • Mounts to walls or vehicles.
  • Long cables with GOLD connections.
  • Works with all battery types, including SLA, GEL, Dry Cell, AGM, and Spiral Cell.
  • Polarity Protection, no sparks.


  • 2ft Battery Terminal Cable
  • 6ft Alligator Clip-On Cable
  • 6ft AC Power Cable
  • Mounting Bracket

Packs/Kits Include

  • 1 x 20ft Extension Cable (per unit)
  • 1 x 2ft Battery Terminal Cable (per 2 units)
  • 1 x 6ft Alligator Clip-On cable (per 2 units)

Kit Notes: 4 Pack System includes separate units to take care of your fleet or garage needs. Combined with 20’ extension cables this system provides all the necessary needs for most car collectors or motorcycle collectors. All the cables are modular and easy to install. Unique 4 unit power cable allows 4 chargers to be plugged into one AC outlet.